sushi Myrtle BeachIf you’ve gone to a sushi restaurant then you know that their menu could be intimidating. You’ll see several pages filled with pictures of dishes and words that you’ve never heard before. Even an avid sushi eater may still get a bit confused just by looking at the menu. So, to help you out, here’s a brief overview of the six most common types of sushi.

6 Types Of Sushi


The first type of sushi is called Nigiri, which is a more conventional form of sushi. It is an excellent way to try different kinds of fish. It consists of raw fish that’s been sliced thinly and placed on top of sushi rice. If you are not fond of eating raw fish, some forms of nigari have seared or cooked fish. There are other variations wherein the nigiri is wrapped in seaweed for more flavour like the kani (crabmeat) or unagi (eel) nigiri.


Unlike nigiri, sashimi doesn’t come with rice. It still consists of thinly sliced raw fish like tuna or salmon. But, it is served with daikon radish. If you order sashimi, you will be given a plate of different types of sliced raw fish. The type of dish you order will determine how much you get. There are nine pieces of fish in an appetizer sashimi while an entrée can have as many as 20 pieces. However, it will also depend on the sushi restaurant.


Maki is a rolled sushi. This is what comes to mind when someone mentions this type of sushi Myrtle Beach. Different types of ingredients like fish and vegetables are rolled in rice and then wrapped with a seaweed. A roll comes with six pieces but it is also offered in a la cart, meaning you can have only two pieces. Choosing the a la carte option is a good idea if you are still trying a certain roll out.

Maki rolls may contain anything, from your typical raw fish like tuna, yellow tail, or salmon to vegetables like cucumbers and carrots. A few restaurants may even use chicken for customers who don’t eat fish.


Uramaki is a type of sushi that comes with a western style. It’s basically similar to maki, but it’s just inside out. A typical maki has rice inside and seaweed outside. Uramaki has rice outside and seaweed inside. It can also contain just about anything. There are several special rolls that come with the uramaki style like the Rainbow roll, Spider Roll, and the Dragon Roll. These special rolls commonly have about nine pieces instead of the average six pieces. Some restaurants even create their own unique special rolls.


Unlike standard rolls like uramaki and maki, which are rolled using a mat, temaki is rolled by hand. Since it is rolled differently, temakis are cone shaped and are bigger than the average sushi roll. So, if you order one, you will most likely get just one roll. Once again, depending on the sushi restaurant, you may get two or even three in a few delux menu item.

Tempura Rolls

Tempura rolls are commonly found in most sushi spots. They are deep fried uramaki or maki rolls. Tempera is actually a way of frying vegetables or fish dipped in a light batter that is made of eggs, water, and flour. Shrimp tempura rolls are the most famous type of tempura rolls but there are others that are popular as well like the Dragon Rolls, Crunch Rolls, and Tiger Rolls.

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