Poke BowlYou’ve most likely heard about the poke bowls in different social media sites. It’s the latest trend these days and there’s a growing number of poke shops popping up everywhere.

Poke bowl, pronounced as “POH-keh,” is a food trend that’s taking the food industry by storm. Poke in Hawaiian means to cut or slice. It refers to the chunks of marinated raw fish, commonly tuna, which is added on top of a bowl of rice and topped with veggies as well as umami packed sauces.

The poke bowls are considered as the next generation of sushi. But there’s one thing that’s special about them. They’re a lot easier to eat.

Poke bowls are customizable dishes. In Hawaii, they are everywhere, in roadside stands and even in gas stations. You just choose the kind of poke you would like to have and have it packed to go in a Styrofoam container.

Now, poke bowls are no longer confined in Hawaii only. It has made its way to the mainland and people are raving about it.

Here’s What A Poke Bowl Contains

Rice – most poke bowls begin with a base layer of Jasmine rice. The warm jasmine rice is an excellent partner for the super cold tuna. Some poke shops even offer low carb options like kelp salad and zucchini noodles. Having the option to create a healthy meal is a one of its many features that are winning the hearts of many consumer.

Fish – the star ingredient of this kind of food is the sushi-grade fish. Commonly, poke bowls have raw yellowfin or ahi tuna. However, you can select from several fish like snapper or salmon. In case raw fish isn’t something that you want to have in your food, you can go for other options like cooked crab or tofu.

Seasonings – poke bowls are topped with sesame seeds, scallions, and pink sea salt for flavour.

Dressing – The dressing us typically made of salty sauces that’s comprised of ponzu, shoyu, soy sauce or even spicy black-bean paste, which enhances the taste of the fatty fish. Some shoyu sauce is made of sesame oil, soy sauce, rice vinegar, lemon juice, and mirin.

Vegetables – shaved onion, avocado, crispy garlic and seaweed are the common toppings of a poke bowl. The crispy onion adds crunch and flavour to the food while the avocado makes it taste sweet and creamy.

Hot sauce – a popular option is wasabi and togarashi.

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